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NYS Security Guard Training Courses

In 1992 the law, known as “The Security Guard Act of 1992,” was passed.  This law, now Article 7-A of the New York State General Business Law went into effect on or about January 1, 1994.  The law gave the State the power to regulate the “proper screening, hiring and training of security guards [based on] state concern and compelling state interests” (89-e, N.Y.S.G.B.L.).  State concern and compelling State interest means that the state has a duty to protect its residents from harm by passing laws that do just that. 

The responsibilities of security professionals, in the private and government sectors, provide a range of services and functions from drug detection, general protective services and preventing unlawful activities at a level of service that traditional law enforcement agencies cannot supply.

In realizing its duty to protect the residents and visitors of New York State, the legislature decided that security guards who are employed to detect, deter, observe and report should be trained, registered and undergo a criminal history check.  To accomplish these ends, the State has set standards of employment, mandated specific training, established a registration process, required liability insurance for guards and created an enforcement unit within the government.

Training for security guards was mandated by the Security Guard Act of 1992. The Act requires that all security guards complete three training courses. Armed guards are required to complete two additional training courses. All courses must be conducted at approved training schools, by certified instructors. The Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety provides administrative oversight for private security training in New York State.

Criminal Justice Professionals Training and Consulting, LLC is an approved New York State Division of Criminal Justice services training school.  We offer all Security Guard Program training mandated by the Division of Criminal Justice Services. 

The courses are listed as follows:

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Security Guard

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Armed Security Guard

NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services
NYS Department of State Division of Licensing Services
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Security Support Course Options

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