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Gun Cleaning

Learn the proper method of cleaning and maintaining your firearms (rifles, pistols, and shotguns) under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced firearms instructor and armorer. Learn what tools are needed (and what aren’t!) to make cleaning easier and more efficient. Learn proper lubrication, where it should be applied and how much. Keep your guns running longer with less wear by keeping them in top condition.


The two-hour class is a unique hands-on experience where you will bring your personal firearm to learn on the weapon platform of your choice and use the cleaning equipment, solvents, patches and cleaning cloths as designed.

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Learn to clean your firearms correctly with this course.  Students will be instructed on safety, how to disassemble and reassemble their own firearm, identify firearm parts, and clean, inspect, and properly lubricate their firearm.


Course Details:

• The length of the course is approximately 2 hours depending on the number of students


What to Bring:

• Revolver or Semi-Automatic Pistol (You must bring a pistol registered to you to take this class!)

• One magazine

• Please wear comfortable clothing.


• NO live firearms or ammunition allowed in the classroom, ie: concealed carry. All firearms will be inspected upon arrival.

What Is Included:

• Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Kit

• Gun Cleaning Matt

• Gun Cleaning Brush

• Gun Cleaning Rag



What We Will Cover:

• Firearm Safety

• Briefing on Course Content

• Use and Explanation of Verbal Terms

• Description of Cleaning Supplies

• Firearm Nomenclature

• Field Strip and Function Check of Firearm

• Proper Cleaning, Inspecting and Lubrication of Firearm

Gun Cleaning Course

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

A clean firearm is a better functioning firearm. 

Learn from the best!

2476 Elmwood Avenue

Kenmore, New York 14217


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