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Government Active Shooter Response Training

Active shooter situations at government facilities have happened in the past, and all staff needs to have proper training in active shooter response and stop the bleed techniques. Individuals who undergo training have the knowledge to be prepared to react and respond in the event of a violent incident.

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Government Active Shooter Situational Training

Running training sessions on active shooter situations can ensure that your organization remains prepared if a dire incident occurs. Active violence training and bleeding control training can potentially save lives. With these types of training sessions, every team member will leave feeling confident of what to do in a dangerous, life-threatening situation.

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Stop the Bleed


Our AVERT training for government offices covers everything from warning signs and situational awareness to escape, evade, or attack tactics and active shooter response procedures. We like to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone knows exactly what to do during bleeding situations, and we work with each team member to ensure that they can confidently carry out emergency control techniques to save lives.

Lastly, our government active shooter response training shares key knowledge about response equipment such as bleeding control kits and AEDs, so they can use them if a situation arises.

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Active Shooter & Bleeding Control Live Scenario Training

A combination of response training and emergency bleeding control with live scenario training sets us apart from other active violence response programs. AVERT allows your government staff to feel a part of an active shooter scenario to ensure that they know how to react in the situation using mitigation techniques to keep themselves and others safe.

We want you to walk away feeling confident enough that if violence were to happen in your workplace you would be able to take charge and know exactly what to do.

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Government Bleeding Control Training


In active violence scenarios, every minute is important. When there is an injury that results in serious bleeding, every second counts. Although the situation can be overwhelming, our training helps your staff react and respond in a way to save lives.

Enroll yourself and your employees into our government active shooter response and emergency bleeding control training sessions, and you will find a new confidence around the workplace. The benefits that your organization will receive may be life-saving as everyone understands and practices what to do in an emergency situation.


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