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Church Active Shooter Response Training

Make sure your place of worship is ready to handle active shooter situations. It is important to take steps to prepare for the potential of these situations in order to ensure your staff, volunteers and congregation feel safe at all times. An active shooter response training course helps your church, synagogue, temple, or other sacred gathering space be as prepared as possible. Find out more below.

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Train Church Leaders and Volunteers

Training your church leaders and volunteers to respond to an active shooter situation in the right way is what we do here at AVERT. Our training courses focus on giving your people the ability to respond correctly and take actions that will save lives.

In an active shooter scenario, acting fast and taking the right steps can save lives. With AVERT, everyone who receives training in your church will know exactly how to react.

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Stop the Bleed


One of the most important steps to take when a person has been shot is being able to stop the bleeding. After a severe injury, a person can bleed to death in as little as 3 minutes. This is why we focus so heavily on teaching your staff members how to control bleeding in emergency situations involving gunshot wounds.

A range of emergency bleeding control techniques can be used, and we will show your staff members how to implement the most important ones. They will also learn how to use the equipment needed to control the bleeding as effectively as possible should the need ever arise.

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Emergency Response Tactics

We will ensure your staff members know exactly how to respond when an emergency situation arises. Even a delay of a few minutes can have a huge impact on a person’s chances of survival.

Our emergency response training tactics show people how to react fast, take action, and give anyone who’s been hurt the best possible chance of surviving until further medical attention from emergency responders is provided.

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Live Scenario Simulations


It can help for your employees to go through the process of experiencing a simulation of an active shooter situation. The mock event is done in the safest possible way, with everyone well aware of what is happening beforehand. This gives you a chance to see how your team might respond, what they do well, and how they can improve if an active shooter situation were to arise.

Dynamic training tactics are used, and the active shooter simulation enables your team to fully prepare for a worst-case situation.


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