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Bleeding Control Training - Learn to Save a Life.

The leading cause of preventable death after injury is bleeding. Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as five minutes. With three actions learned from the bleeding control training included with AVERT, you can control life-threatening bleeding until emergency responders arrive. Making those precious minutes count and possibly saving a life using stop the bleed methods.

AVERT includes both emergency bleeding control training and active violence response training in one program.

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Stop the Bleed with AVERT

Active violence can happen anywhere, at any time. These terrifying events continue to happen, which is why knowing what to do during one is vital. Our Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) is for individuals as well as groups and can save lives.

You will learn not only how to protect yourself, but how to save those around you during a violent attack.

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Bleeding Control Training

With AVERT, you'll learn to be an immediate responder, a person who recognizes life-threatening bleeding and can act right away using stop the bleed methods.

AVERT instructors use bleeding control training materials that have been specially developed to teach you proper bleeding control techniques. Through hands-on practice, instructors help you feel confident in your skills to control life-threatening bleeding.

Regardless of the size or type of your organization, AVERT training and a TAC+PAC bleeding control kit are vital supplements to your Emergency Action Plan (EAP) by making sure your people have the training and confidence to respond quickly and appropriately in an active violence situation.

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Active shooter awareness is a key training tool

Incidents can happen anywhere. Being able to react quickly to life-threatening situations is critical in any environment. With AVERT, you will learn situational awareness and how to adopt an active shooter response plan so you can take fast action in an emergency.


Control bleeding in an emergency

Regardless of the size or type of your organization, AVERT training and TAC+PAC emergency bleeding control kits are vital for your organization.

Bleeding Control Training - Three Techniques to Stop the Bleed

Through our AVERT training, you will learn three quick emergency bleeding control techniques that can help save a life:

Apply proper pressure

Pack a wound


Place a tourniquet

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Our training makes the difference

When time is of the essence and life hangs in the balance waiting on dependable, knowledgeable and expertly trained hands is not an option you must become an Immediate Responder.  Run, hide, fight is simply not enough.  We must Escape, Evade and Attack if we are to save as many lives as possible.  We Train In Purpose.  Let us teach you how to survive and active shooter incident. 

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